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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 9, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> tragedy in tucson. the community college instructor who taught the shooting suspect, that he saw this coming. plus we have one of the last known photographs of congress woman giffords before she was shot in the head. i'm shepard smith. this is a live edition of the fox report. . >> this doesn't make any sense. >> tonight, the details are coming together, about the attack. >> it was attempting to change magazines, a woman went up and
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grabbed the magazine and tore it away from him. >> about the prospect for the congress woman's recovery. >> still in critical condition. brain swelling could take a turn for the worst, but i'm cautiously optimistic. >> and behind the gun, where they say he got it and what drove him to use it. >> and this was an attack on our institution and an attack on our way of life. >> plus, reaction to lawmakers. >> such acts of violence has no place in society. >> it sends a deep chill down the bodies. >> those whose loved ones were caught in the cross fire. >> we feel so robbed of our beautiful, beautiful princess. >> shepard: we begin with new details, investigators say who killed the little girl.
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and after shooting congress woman gabrielle giffords in the head and reported that the suspect, jared loughner left a note scrawled out on an envelope inside his home and investigators say it contains, phrases including, "i planned ahead", my assassination and the name girds. loughner we know dropped out of college after run-ins with the campus police and the milita military, failed. and meanwhile, learning more about how it happened outside that grocery store in tucson. vets say at that loughner target was specifically congress woman giffords, but that he kept firing until he had to reload and that's when the sheriff said, along with two others, a woman ran forward in what he calls one of the bravest actions he's ever known. >> this lady was standing in line to have her picture taken
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with gabrielle when all hell broke loose and for forever reason, she decided something had to be done. she came out of the line and went and tackled the magazine and gun that this guy was holding and he had just emptied a magazine holding 31 rounds and was trying to insert another magazine of 31 rounds. she might have saved many, many lives. >> a short time ago we spoke with her on fox news and she told me she's not hero at all, saying another man tackled the suspect first. >> i was on the ground, the gentleman knocked him to the ground, in front of me, right where i was lawing down, he was knocked down, so i was able just to kneel up as they were kneeling across him and get the magazine. >> and that's when we're told two men helped tackle the shooter at about the same time the calls were coming in to 911:
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>> she was of course, in a shot that doctors report cut through her brain and leaving her in critical condition. we check in with our team of correspondents in arizona and beyond. and more information about the shooting suspect from his former college instructor. one of jared loughner's community teachers says he was so disturbed by loughner outbursts in class and asked him to have removed. i always felt somewhat paranoid when i turned my back to write on the board, i would
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always turn back quickly to see if he had a gun. joining us now, ben mcgahee, a third year instructor at pima community college. good evening, sir, thank you. >> good evening, shepard. >> shepard: you were scared of him back in the day? >> yes, sir, i was afraid for my life, as well as the students. i was afraid he was going to bring some kind of weapon to class and i was a little bit paranoid. i was just-- i needed to take immediate action and i'm glad i did at the right time. >> shepard: what did he-- what did he do that concerned you so? >> he was very quiet in the classroom, very disengaged, very attached and his face was very bright red. he was even shaking some of the students said, maybe he was under the influence of dru
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drugs. so that led me to take immediate action and talk with counselors at the school. >> shepard: and it's my understanding that when he took one of your exams, some think he would answer like any other student, correctly or incorrectly and sometimes he had a he write weird stuff. tell me about that. >> he would write eat plus sleep plus brush eat equals math and wrote a comment called mayhem fest, in bold, capital letters like with three exclamation points. it was just -- i didn't know what to think of it. actually the students, another student, he looked at it and he was like, you need to look this up. it mayhem fest and call the counselors right away or talk with the dean, do something immediately to maybe get in guy outside of the classroom. being a very major
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disturbance, yeah. >> shepard: and it's my understanding that you had a copy of the constitution on the wall there and he referenced it once? >> yes, sir, he said, you violated my first amendment rights with free speech, being the first amendment, so yeah, i-- he was a very strange guy. >> shepard: you know, professor, there are a lot of-- i'm guessing in a professor's life, a lot of strange characters come along, a lot of weird kids and all different kind of people come through. and having listened to what you just said. >> right. >> shepard: i wonder what it was about the actions of this particular one that made you be afraid at the blackboard and like turn around quickly to make sure he didn't have a weapon? >> well, i watched things in the past like with columbine t, other school shootings and i just didn't want to take anything for
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granted, and i actually had a-- one of the students named linda sorenson, she worked in like a mental kind of an institution, and worked with some or people and she never seen i guess, one of these incidents before so it was just very, you know, very bizarre, so she-- >> actually she is-- it's my understanding. >> as well as five-- >> we have a bad satellite delay, i'm sorry about that, it happens. she was working at a psychiatric hospital. >> that's okay. >> shepard: and you mentioned ms. sorenson and you said he never threatened violence, but she felt menaced by him? >> right, right, she was very disturbed and he had these random kind of outbursts that were very senseless, like he even thought my class was a scam, that he had paid money for in the past. he took the same algebra class, failed the class and he
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thought my class was a scam, if i did not give him a good grade since he paid money for the class. >> shepard: what was the counsel like for him? what sort of report did you get back from guidance and the rest? what was said and what were their concerns if any? >> they just asked him, you know, what happened inside the classroom. and they just asked him to be quiet and behave. so, they said he had not committed any kind of, you know, weird acts or anything, or strange things, he hadn't brought anything to the classroom, no weapons, so there's no way we could just, you know, just kick him outside the classroom until he committed that first act. you know, we could not take any immediate action. so, in a way i was kind of disappointed, but i persevered with the counselors and with the dean and eventually got
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the job done, so-- >> you got him out of the classroom. >> right. >> shepard: and then yesterday, you heard about this shooting and you heard about the connection and you thought or said what? >> i was very shocked by it. i wasn't too surprised that it was jared loughner. i felt like he was planning something all along. i just didn't know when he was going to do it and where he was going to do it, but just from what the other students said and what i experienced in my charm, i just, just thank god that he did not, you know, do anything to us. it is very sad to hear what happened yesterday and even to young tucker one of our fellow church members, it was just very sad to hear that and gabrielle giffords as well. so-- >> you know, we've always-- >> a sad day. >> shepard: we've heard some
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people fall through the cracks. i was at columbine and remember the days after that, said we've got to watch these kids, the dylan harris and eric klebold and dylan harris raised red flags and the problem was they hadn't done anything, not anything that anybody would put fingers on. in this case what you're telling me, you sensed it, you knew something was wrong and did your best and told you had a feeling like this. you never had a feeling like this about another student, have you? >> never have. this was the first student, i just used my intuition to my best ability and glad i took action when i did. >> shepard: you know, i just, you know, one of the great things about america and our system is you can't be pub initialled f punished for something you talked about, only for things you do not for things you talk about, that's the great thing about america. >> right. >> shepard: and sometimes, sometimes. >> right. >> shepard: it leaves us really out in some ways out of control. i'm not saying that we should change any of that, i'm just
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saying that here we are and your story, your story is exhibit a. >> right. >> shepard: well, there we go. it's nice to speak with you. i'm really sorry for everybody in your community and all the best to you. >> thank you, shepard. >> shepard: all right. well, the day began with congress woman gabrielle giffords meeting with supporters and constituents. coming up we'll talk with the man who may have taken the last picture of the congressman before the gunman we [ bottle one ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power. [ gasps ] no! [ bottle two ] can we even clean a leather shoe? what do you mean? what is a shooee? he's cleaning things that we don't even know what they are. [ male announcer ] effortlessly removes more grime per swipe. with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power.
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>> president obama says congress woman giffords is as tough as they come and she's had to prove that while serving her right wing district. she's a blue dog, democrat, narrowly won to a third term in november and opposed arizona's tough immigration law passed last year while demanding better border
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security. she's a gun owner herself and supports the second amendment, but also voted for the president's health care overhaul. last week said she was proud to join her republican colleagues in reading parts of the constitution on the house floor. in spite earnings scorn from some of her constituents she's also amassed plenty of supporters while in office. among them in our next guest, believed to have taken the last picture of congress woman giffords before she suffered the shooting injury. matthew is in active duty for the u.s. army reserve and joins us live on the phone. matthew good evening. >> good evening. >> shepard: thank you for your service and for being here today. it's my understanding you went to the event early. >> yes, that's correct. her staffer, gabe zimmerman, i had talked to him on friday at her office and he had mentioned to me that she was going to have congress on the corner and encouraged me to see her and i was not sure i
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could make it. he said matt if you get this early i will make sure you get a picture and your first, you know, if you get there early. so, i did show up early. >> and gabe zimmerman of course one who died in that shooting. and you came early, got the picture taken. did you exchange words with her and how was this said, this is gabe zimmerman, about whom he spoke, one of whom lost his life. >> and gabe when i got there, i got there early, at least half an hour early. and i wasn't sure where congress on the corner was, it was the first time i had attended one of those events and they were, i had seen daniel putting up one of the signs on the street corner and i actually followed him back, to where gabe was and sarah was there, too, and they were all, already getting things ready, you know, i helped out with a few chairs and they were putting up the tables and gabe was of course directing
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everything. he worked well, wonderfulfully with everybody and he was so, he was so pleasant and he was such a pleasant young man and had such a bright future and i was watching him as he set up the sign that everything sees on tv with her name on it and they had the flag posts already up. and it's a very sad day for everybody in arizona. >> shepard: matthew laos who took a picture with the congress woman and left before the world changed for her and for everybody in that community. matthew the best for your family and communities. and arizona governor jan brewer plans to go ahead with the state of the state address tomorrow. the annual speech to the legislature scheduled well before the tragedy in tuesday son. the spokesperson says governor brewer will proceed as planned and maintain arizona's fine
11:18 pm
tradition and the governor's comments will reflect on the rampage and told governor brewer and her aide were working on the address at the capital and received the word of the shooting. a number of politicians both sides of the aisle condemning the deadly attack in arizona of course even as the tragedy is leading to discussion of political rhetoric across america. a full report on that plus the investigation into the accused shooter, including a note that he reportedly left at home and in a safe. the details just ahead. when it comes to investing, no one person has all the answers. so td ameritrade doesn't give me just one person. questions about retirement? i talk to their retirement account specialists. bonds? grab the phone. fixed-income specialist. td ameritrade knows investors sometimes need real, live help. not just one broker... a whole team there to help... to help me decide what's right for me. people with answers at td ameritrade. get up to $500 when you open an account.
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>> the tragedy in tucson prompting debate why the fwm went on the murderous rampage and some debates on the
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political talk shows. bret baier reports. >> the motives of the alleged shooter on the web and sunday talk shows, lawmakers debated whether heightened political rhetoric on issues including health care and illegal immigration, both on capitol hell and elsewhere fueled the alleged shooter's anger. >> what we're seeing is that the republicans riled up to the point where those kind of events and opportunities for people to express their opinions to us, are becoming a little volatile. >> and what has happened here is that the vitriol has gotten so elevated until people feel emboldened by this. >> this is from justin phillips, tea party nation, within the spectrum there are extremists on the left and right, violence of this nature should be decried by everyone and not used for political
11:23 pm
gain. how respond to that, sir? >> i would say this to the gentleman that wrote that, the fact of the matter is, we just came out of an election, we saw a candidate for the united states senate, saying if you can't get what you want at the ballot box, let's seek second amendment recommend tis. what does that mean? that's a very vitriolic statement. >> as for the gun debate. >> we need to enforce the existing gun laws and-- >> i don't think that plays into this at all and i don't think this really, i think they're unrelated. it's probably about a very sick individual and what should have been done for that person. >> others are concerned, any association with the alleged shooter and the tea party is not just unfair, but irresponsible, perhaps contributing to a more dangerous rhetoric. >> i think you're responsible by bringing this up, and doing the very thing you're trying to condemn. >> i think it's important to
11:24 pm
remember that this was an individual, 22 years old. he dropped out of high school. as far as we know he's not tied to political movement and this wasn't a politically motivated act. you know, his favorite books are the communist manifesto and mein kompf. >> all indications so far that loughner acted alone and the calls for toning down the political rhetoric on both sides seemed to be welcomed by lawmakers of both parties. shep. >> shepard: bret baier in washington. thank you. congress woman gabrielle giffords is among a number of democratic politicians the tea party has strongly criticized. but it is important to note that there is no evidence of any kind that the suspect in the shooting was in any way a part of the tea party follower, if you will. in a statement that came out on saturday, the chairman of the tea party express, amy cremor had this to say.
11:25 pm
we at the party express are saddened to hear about the terrible tragedy. that took place in tucson today. it is appalling that anyone would commit such unthinkable violence against congress woman gabrielle giffords, a sitting federal judge and the many other victims and families impacted. you can read more at ahead now the other victims of the tragedy in tucson, we remember the lives lost on this special edition of the this special edition of the fox repo [ female announcer ] running short on time? no worries. with quick, easy aussie products, there's always enough time for naturally beautiful hair. add some roo to your do.
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>> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, and time for the top of the news, congress woman gabrielle giffords remains in critical condition as fox reports tonight and investigators learn more details about the man who shot her in the head, in an attack that killed six people. it happened in a public event that girds was holding outside of a store on saturday. we're learning more about what may have motivated the shooter. >> reporter: well, hi there, shepard. we're learning more about his troubled past. we know he he dropped out of high school in his senior year and rejected by the army and just last year kicked out of pima community college for a series of classroom disturbances and calling the college illegal. the administrators told him not to come back until after he'd had a mental evaluation and we know he had posted many online ramblings against the
11:29 pm
government and the fbi says in particular that was very disturbing. >> whether it's international terrorism or domestic terrorism, the ubiquitous nature of the internet means that not only threats, but hate speech and other insightful speech is much more readily available to individuals than eight or ten or 15 years ago. >> reporter: shepard, we're learning that well-known defense attorney judy clark has been appointed to represent jared loughner and best known for her work defending the uni-bomber. back to you. >> what do we know about the letter this guy apparently left in his safe at home? >> yeah, there was some, lots of disturbing correspondence found in his safe. a letter, first of all, from the congress woman's office to jared loughner thanking him for attending a congress on your corner event from back in
11:30 pm
2007 and a separate envelope with handwriting on there that says i planned ahead, my assassination, along with the name girds and loughner signature. shepard, no doubt investigators will use all of these materials to help piece together a mow seive here, back to you. >> reporter: anita vogel from the sheriff's department. and we're learning other details, according to officials in the united states army jared loughner did indeed try toen list, but the army rejected him and now we're learning why. the military now confirms to fox news at that loughner failed an army urinalysis, a drug screening and revealed in 2007 before his 19th birthday he was arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia and two other infractions. the shooter took the life of a nine-year-old girl and five others. we're told 63-year-old u.s. district judge john roll went to the event after he attended mass. in '91, president george h.w.
11:31 pm
bush appointed him to the federal bench and the judge roll leaves behind wife maureen, three sons, four grandchildren. 30-year-old gabe zimmerman was the community outreach director for congress woman giffords and he had organized this event and one like this, held on saturday. and a friend called zimmerman a popular guy, rare person nice to everybody and he was engaged. the and house speaker john boehner says that flags on the south side of the capitol hill will fly at half staff to mark the service and sacrifice zimmerman gave congress and then there's 76-year-old dorwan stoddard. died apparently shielding his wife from the gunfire. the pastor says, the gunman hit her in the leg, but that her husband likely saved her. he was a retired construction worker and a gas station owner. he and his wife reportedly visited nearly 30 countries and all 50 states.
11:32 pm
the shooter also took the lives of 76-year-old dorothy morris, and 79-year-old phillips schneck. one of the big stories to emerge today from the tragedy in tucson is that of the woman who helped end the attack pouncing on the gunman and especially his magazine as he was trying to relead the weapon, but that woman says the version of this that we've been hearing from the sheriff is among. so we'll hear from her in a second. first, here is how the sheriff described what did go down. >> when the gentleman ran out of the ammunition from his first magazine, he was attempting to change magazines, a woman who we have the name of, but i don't have, went up and grabbed the magazine, and took it away from him. he was able to insert the other one, it doesn't fire and two men were able to get that away from him and throw it
11:33 pm
away. in his first television interview, the woman patricia maisch told me that's not what happened. >> i was not injured, not shot. the lady next to me was shot. i was down on the ground and instead of running away and two heroes knocked him to the ground right in front of me, and then someone yelled, get the gun. i knelt up over him and the gun was too far, but as the other gentleman was grabbing the gun. he was pulling a magazine outs of his pocket and i managed to hit the magazine. so unfortunately, the sheriff has gotten it a bit wrong, but the magazine was secured. i'm not the hero, the two gentlemen that secured him to the ground are the heroes. >> shepard: we spoke with one of them. we spoke with one of them yesterday and one of them spoke very highly about you, ms. maisch and i'd like to back up if you don't mind for just a moment. did you go to hear the congress woman? was that your specific or just going to the grocery store?
11:34 pm
what was your function. >> i went to see gabriella. >> as you arrived, had you been able to speak with her already when the shooting began or never get your chance to speak with her? >> i never had a chance to speak with her. i was toward the end of the line. >> shepard: so, when the shooting happened, could you venture a guess how far away you might have been? >> between 20 and 30 feet. >> shepard: and do you remember what you did as the shooting began? >> i do. i just had to make a decision whether i was going to run or drop to the ground and i decided it was better to drop to the ground. and that's what i did, and the shooting stopped as the woman next to me and then the two gentlemen were able to secure him. i was right there next to him on the ground. and when somebody said get the gun, i knelt over him and tried to get the gun and another man got it before i did. and i got the magazine as he
11:35 pm
was pulling it out of his pocket just about the same time, the other man got the gun. >> shepard: patricia maisch on the line in the first television interview after getting the magazine away from the gunman, alleged gunman as he was trying to, trying to reload the thing. you've said that the shooting stopped. it's my understanding it went on, the round of shots were very quicken didn't go on very long. is that right? and about how long would you guesstimate? >> they just lasted a couple of seconds. there was one shot, apparently, when he hit gabriella and then went down the line of people sitting there, fairly quickly. >> shepard: and then it was time to reload, right? and he attempt today reload, is that accurate? >> well, he had the gun and he was trying to got a magazine out of his pocket. so, i assume that's what he was going to do. >> shepard: and as he was reaching for that magazine, were you running toward him? you said you were 15, 20 feet away? >> no, you've misunderstood.
11:36 pm
>> shepard: i apologize. >> i was 15, 20 feet from where gabriella was, i was on the ground and the gentleman knocked him to the ground in front of me, right where i was laying down. he was knocked down so i was able just to kneel up as they were kneeling across him and get the magazine. >> shepard: so, did you snatch it out of his hand or out of his pocket? >> he pulled it out of his pocket and dropped it on the sidewalk and we were both reaching for it and i got it. >> shepard: did he say anything? did you say anything? >> no, nothing. >> shepard: not a word? >> no. >> shepard: did he seem-- did he appear to try to resist as were you going for that magazine? >> the j already had him fairly well secured so he didn't have much option. >> shepard: so, he has just shot 20 people, he is now being held down by two men, you are right there next to the them and just taken the magazine away from him which he would have reloaded his gun and he has to be held for some period of time before
11:37 pm
authorities arrive, is that right? >> yes, those gentlemen were sitting on him and i moved at-- knelt on his ankle. >> shepard: you knelt on his ankle when you held him down. >> yes. >> shepard: when you knelt on his ankle did it seem he was trying to get away or allowing himself to be subdued or how would you describe it? >> i would say he didn't have an option, he was subdued whether he want it had or not. >> shepard: and did you hold him down for a matter of seconds, a matter of minutes before the police came or do you remember? >> i held him down until i noticed that one of the people that attacked him had had a head wound, grazed and was bleeding so i asked another person in the crowd to kneel on his legs and i went to safeways and got paper towels and made a compress and held it on his head. >> shepard: first held the man
11:38 pm
down, took the magazine and held a compress out to try to help other people. the shooting stopped. the person before her in the line when it came reloading time, michelle maisch says she's not a hero tonight and the sheriff disagrees, respectfully, i'm sure. congress woman gabrielle giffords is the only member of congress married to an active military member. an astronaut and a navy pilot. and scheduled to fly in the final mission of this year. the couple married in 2007, but because of their busy, busy work schedules yet to live in the same zip code. congress woman giffords splits her time in arizona and captain kelly based in houston. they met in china and as the story goes on the first date the congress woman reportedly brought her future husband on a tour of arizona state prison and at the time he'd been working on capital punishment legislation and we're told she
11:39 pm
knew that captain kelly wanted to sit in quote, the chair. doctors say congress woman giffords has a good chance of one day recovering from her injuries. she's reportedly responsive after a bullet went clean through her brain. so, how exactly can someone survive such a thing? a wountd to the head in one side and out the other, a naur side and out the other, a naur owe surgeon joins us nex
11:40 pm
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11:42 pm
how much injury the bullet did, but the fact that she had a lot of preservation before surgery is what makes this situation as well as it can. >> shepard: a lot of preservation before surgery and the doctors say congress woman is now in a medically induced coma. with us now an is neuro surgeon at northshore university hospital and hofstra medical school and is with us on the set. nice to see you. >> you, too. >> shepard: the bullet goes through the entirety of the left side of your brain, i don't know a lot, but i know the left side controls the motor function on the right side, right. >> yeah. >> shepard: and before today, if someone had said, a congress woman is going to be shot in the left side of her brainy would not think there was much chance for survival, but apparently i would have been fooled. >> the truth is she's very lucky, about 90% of people who are shot in the head die. so. >> shepard: 90%, big name. >> yeah, and ultimately depends on the trajectory and actual location.
11:43 pm
one left-side or right-sided different from another. the location is an important thing. sounds to me the most important thing for even prediction of survival is the fact that she was awake, he have hadly, or at least following commands when she arrived at the hospital and you have to understand that the systems in place to save people like this and the resources and number of people that had to be in the right place at the right time to make this happen that's truly remarkable as well. i think she's lucky where the bullet entered and exited. >> shepard: and mighty good people around her. i remember, a cub reporter in orlando, florida, learned if you make it to orlando medical center, trauma unit. if you make it to the traumatic unit the chances are pretty darn good, that keep you alive and so much help. that 20-year-old intern apparently kept her from drowning in her own blood. >> right. >> shepard: kept her elevated and wind flowing and everybody along the way seems like. >> in the end not being
11:44 pm
primarily taking care of her and know about as much as you do about the specific. the fact that she was young and relatively good exam on arrival and then a lot of the management of these things has to do with sort of taking the pressure off the brain. the iraq war, actually is where we learn a lot about the head injuries. in the old days we weren't as as aggressive. now it's a matter of giving the brain more room and preventing almost certain increase in pressure in the skull and then debreediiding or taking off the material that enters with the bullet and sounds like it will she will recover and what the functional recovery is is difficult to predict. >> shepard: and the coming days are difficult and they are going to have to monitor and look for specific things the doctors will, over the next few days. among them the pressure on her brain. >> first of all, my heart goes out to the family, all the families of the victims and make sure that i mention that, it's just a terrible tragedy
11:45 pm
and the next two days are important. i think though that ultimately the swelling will increase somewhat, but truthfully, once you have the situation where they are now, it sounds relatively controlled by removing that hard skull, you sort of give the brain room and they can treat the rest of her problems primarily with medication and keeping her on the ventilator and sort of medically induced coma. >> shepard: why do you do that? >> it turns out certain medications, despite shutting the brain down, allow you to control the pressure in a more effective way. by essentially turning the brain off you decrease essentially the amount of blood it needs and the amount of sugar that it needs and therefore, you sort ever slow the thing down, kind of like why people survive when they're dropped into ice. it's kind of the same, not quite the same way, but we can use the medication toss turn the brain off temporarily and allows the brain to sort of being the least functioning state during the highest time of swelling. once the swelling period
11:46 pm
passes reand mate the person by taking away the drugs. >> shepard: and you decide based on what's happening there on the table. could it be days, could it be weeks, months, is there not something that-- >> i would say within a week there ought to be you know, significant progress in determining at least her survival. and i'd be surprised if we were to hear she didn't survive, but it's a rubik's cube what's next, will she be able to be a mom. a congress woman, mhow dependent she'll be. life and death are binary and then you talk about things that make us human, those are hard to predict and hard to tell from the trauma. >> shepard: she's got the world pulling for her, never hurts. she does. >> shepard: thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> shepard: all right. gabby giffords is one of more than 500 problems of congress
11:47 pm
and like her, many don't have security protection. tonight some are talking about their own security and thinking about their own futures as the flag flies half staff at the capitol, but first, trace gallagher around the scene of the crime. >> reporter: look at the parking lot and the cars there. these are the cars that were parked there when the shooting happened. they're not allowed to go out. it's presumably some of the cars of the victims in here as well. and we don't know how long the shopping center will be cordoned off, but it's a good bet the fbi, the sheriff's department will be here for at least nor day or day and a half. >> shepard: our coverage of the tragedy in tucson is just the tragedy in tucson is just beginning as the special [ male announcer ] pressure can cause anyone's deodorant to fail. introducing gillette odor shield antiperspirant. it targets and neutralizes odor at the source. help eliminate odor, n't just cover it up. ♪
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>> on monday morning, the president will observe a moment of silence for the arizona shooting victims and calling on all americans to join with him. the president on sunday issued a statement and i quote, it will be a time for us to come together as a nation in prayer or reflection, keeping the victims and their families closely at heart. national moments of silence are rare, normally reserved for memorial day and the remembrance of 9/11 each year. the supreme court will observe a moment of silence as well, we're told the court will convene ten minutes early to make sure first arguments are still completed on time. the president also signing a proclamation calling on the white house and all government buildings nationwide to fly flags at half staff. our correspondent, steve doocy, excuse me, peter doocy in washingtons. peter, how has this affected the president's schedule at all. >> reporter: the president was originally scheduled to
11:52 pm
visit a ge plant in new york, the birthplace of ge. that has been postponed and he called for that moment of silence. the president will observe it on the south lawn and the supreme court just, congressmen and justices are expected to participate as well, shepard. >> shepard: and it's my understanding, peter, that the president's been getting regular updates. what do we know from that? >> we know he's been briefed by his counterterrorism advisor john brennan on met with robert mueller and janet napolitano and spoke about not only about the latest development, but ongoing coordination between state and local officials and the president will keep getting updates. >> shepard: what will phone calls to the victim's loved ones. >> we herred that he was trying to get a hold of mark
11:53 pm
kelly. he couldn't get through because captain kelly was rushing to tucson. some point obama and kelly did connect on the phone and we're told the president expressed his concern and support for congress woman giffords during this very difficult time, shepard. >> shepard: peter doocy, reporting from washington. peter, appreciate it, thank you. new reaction to this tragedy from the house speaker now, john boehner, you'll recall the republican leader issued a statement on saturday, in which he said, an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve. sunday morning, he gave a brief statement to the cameras from his home district in ohio. >> this inhuman act should not and will not deter us from our calling, to represent our constituents and to fulfill our oaths of office. no act, no matter how heinous, must be allowed to stop us from our duty. >> the speaker did not take
11:54 pm
questions following his remarks. on wednesday, he and congress woman giffords reenacted her swearing in on capitol hill. she just started her third term as a u.s. representative. speaker boehner said that flags on the south side of the capital will fly at half staff to honor gabe zimmerman, the 30-year-old aide to congress woman giffords who died in yesterday's attack and eric cantor says the house will now postpone all legislative business for the week ahead, including the house vote to repeal health care. and a fox weather alert now, we're keeping a very close eye on a severe storm that's threatening parts of the deep south. in birmingham, alabama, roads began to ice up in the earlier part of the day, air travel not much better, snow, sleet, freezing rain causing hundreds of flight cancellations and this, the scene in miller county, arkansas. according to a state police spokesman more than two dozen
11:55 pm
car crashes and no fatalities. the we're told nearly 4,000 folks in the state are without power. an update on the investigation an update on the investigation into the tragedy in tucson is [ sighs ] ugh. over here! put your roots in reverse. with root touch-up, by nice 'n easy. it extds the life of your color in 10 minutes with a seamless match to any brand guaranteed! roots are outta there. with root touch-up by nice 'n easy. but these days you need more than the book. you need website develoent, 1-on-1 marketing advice, search-engine marketing, and direct mail. yellowbook's got all of that. yellowbook360's got a whole spectrum of tools.
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11:58 pm
monday afternoon. doctors in tucson at university medical center say congressman gabrielle gifford is in critical condition and they have removed part of her skull. we are told recovering from a bullet wound to the head could take years but also that her prognosis is good. adam housley reports in tucson. what can you tell us about the charges and for that matter the court appearance? >> the court appearance tomorrow afternoon we are trying to get clarification whether he will be there in person or closed circuit television. we talked to state officials local officials they are going to wait their turn once the federal case proceeded they are going to take their case to court and you can expect multiple murder charges for those who are not connected to the congresswoman like the little 9-year-old girl, shepherd. >> this is hard for everybody involved. the law enforcement officials and first responders are not immune to that.
11:59 pm
>> we are not. we drove from phoenix all of the flags were half staff throughout the state any time you went to any store or a place to get food he was talking about it. we have come here for some years a lot of heated debate for a long time. not just the last couple years nationwide but a long time in tuesday son 7, 8, 9 years over the issues involve ago number of issues involving immigration for example. we have talked to officials including law enforcement we hope this will be a wake-up call for both sides of the political i'll to take a step back. it's okay to take a step back and in disagreement but maybe it will be a catalyst for a bit of change in an area that has been heated for a number of years. >> adam housley reporting from tuesday son. adam thank you and the rest of our team there and in washington. we have met a number of heroes for the last few hours. we spoke with the family of a 9-year-old girl who never came home from that event with the


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